Spryker Hackathon

Mar 13, 3 PM CET - Mar 14, 9 PM CET
Berlin, Germany

Level up your Spryker Game

at the Spryker Hackathon

Save the date for our March Spryker Hackathon!


“The one thing”: Double your development speed!

Everyone has experienced “the one thing": Imagine, you're using a framework that you already know upside-down. Everything seems to work, until that one thing happens – you're now stuck on the issue that you already faced before. In fact, you may have faced this issue hundreds of times! It might be a bug, a missing helper or a code generator, or an architecture design flaw that forces you to spend more time and write more code. If this One Thing gets fixed, you would be so much more efficient at your work. 

So now it’s your time! It’s time to change Spryker PHP Framework so you get maximum benefits from it and become faster at all the hard work you do. Some ideas to consider: Decrease project feature development by 2x by removing framework pitfalls, adding missing framework components, helpers or any other creative ways. Keep in mind that feature development includes many phases from requirements gathering to implementation, testing and release.

From our side we guarantee that the best implementations will be reviewed and released by our Core Team, and the best ideas will be taken into the roadmap evaluation 🏆️

Winning Criteria
Value/Impact: Potential of decreasing feature development time.
🔎 Realistic: What’s the chance to realize the value in Spryker project scenarios.
🚀  Innovation: A solution with cutting-edge technology, patterns or designs will be valued higher.

Note: Typically solving 1x issues but on 100% would have higher impact, than a generic solution for all problems addressing them just partially.


Key Facts

Dates: 13-14 March 2024.

Where: Spryker HQ (Berlin Basecamp).

Audience: If you are a Developer, Architect, Technical Product Owners, or in another technical role working with Spryker, this is the event for you.

Cost: Free!

About: The Hackathon will be a 2 part event. Part 1 will be a short online ideation and team formation session in the weeks leading up to Part 2 which is the Hackathon itself.

  • Online pre-session (March 11th): Short online ideation and setup before we meeting in person.
  • On-site Day 1 (starting 15:00 CET): Join us for some socializing and a welcome dinner.
  • On-site Day 2 (full day starting 9:00 CET): Let the Hackathon officially begin!

Limited seats available. Confirm your attendance by registering below.


🌐 Code Collaboration with MIT License

We encourage all participants to publish your code under the MIT License, making it available for anyone to use or modify. An open-source license empowers our whole community to freely use and build upon the contributions that we experience and create during hackathons. Embracing open-source principles ensures maximum impact and minimizes copyright complexities so we really encourage it. Here's some more info if you're interested. Let's code together for a stronger community!